Alison out for Wide Open Bluegrass

Alison Krauss at Fan Fest 2011 - photo by Mike MulliganAlison Krauss, who was scheduled to perform as part as part of a headlining collaboration show with Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas, Béla Fleck, Del McCoury, Tony Rice and Mark Schatz on September 27 during the IBMA’s Wide Open Bluegrass festival in Raleigh, has had to pull out owing to an issue with her voice.

The statement from her representative says…

“Alison Krauss was recently diagnosed with a vocal condition called dysphonia. Alison has been advised to have vocal rest, and therefore will not be performing at Wide Open Bluegrass next weekend. We anticipate a smooth, quick recovery given proper treatment and adequate rest.”

We all wish her a speedy recovery, and will miss her in Raleigh next week. No word yet on who may step into these shoes for next Friday’s sold out show.

There are also reports that Tony Rice has been ill this week, so we certainly hope he can recover in time for the big show – and his induction into the Hall of Fame on Thursday!

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  • Darren Sullivan-Koch

    …a rather odd statement. Dysphonia is really an umbrella term encompassing a range of vocal afflictions resulting in the loss of one’s voice, which can either be physical or emotional in source. It’s kinda like saying “She’s been diagnosed with headaches.” Either way, hopefully it’s nothing serious.

    • Valerie Smith

      Whatever it is, being a vocali artist… any complication is real, frightening, disappointing and stressful. I send my best regards for a successful recovery to her, for her talent is precious to several fans.

  • Charles Henderson

    This is very scary for such a wonderful performer and a wonderful voice. From what I’ve read, Tony Rice has dysphonia, and he had to quit singing altogether. Is that true? The result of dysphonia? IF as is said above, the term covers a range of conditions, I suppose the physicians in charge know that her specific condition is reversible.

    • Darren Sullivan-Koch

      See here:

      It’s a catch-all term for symptoms, not an actual ailment on its own.

      • Jon Weisberger

        And yet, it’s sufficient to explain why she won’t be appearing at Wide Open Bluegrass. So where’s the problem? If you want to know more details, it would probably be best to ask her in person – and if you don’t know her well enough to ask her in person, you might want to consider the possibility that more details aren’t really any of your business. Just sayin’.

        • Darren Sullivan-Koch

          …I just think it was a poor, somewhat irresponsible choice of words on the part of her management. To slap a word like “dysphonia” on it makes people think the situation is worse than it is. Just see Chris and Valerie’s comments above.

  • trixie commens

    I was just saw (and heard) Alison Krauss singing with the Jerry Douglas Band at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass in San Francisco last weekend. She sounded great, so I was surprised to read here that she’d been ill recently. I think there’s a clip or two online for a few more days, thanks to the Hellman foundation.