2008 Alaska Bluegrass Cruise

The 2008 Alaska Bluegrass Cruise will be the best ever. That’s saying a lot as the first 4 were awesome. Next Aug 10th we will set sail from Seattle with Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver along with Cherryholmes. We are thrilled to have Doyle with us …and his new band members…Oh My! Doyle really knows how to gather stellar talent & youthful energy. There is a lot of entertainment on the stage with these guys. Same goes for Cherryholmes. This family just gets better & better…musically & in all other categories. AND we will be surrounded by the majestic Alaskan landscapes AND on a cruise ship!! It’s a once in a lifetime experience. Of course what really makes the week are all the wonderful people who join us. Bluegrass folks are just the nicest people. By the end of the week we are like family. Don’t miss the boat !

Contact us 1-888-509-8163 www.alaskabluegrasscruise.com