Yet more MerleFest 2013 images

Here’s another gallery of Andy Garrigue’s photos from MerleFest 2013, this time focusing on The Avett Brothers and their flamboyant cellist, Joe Kwon. Andy shared these few words about their show.

“While the attention is often focused on Scott and Seth Avett when The Avett Brothers take the stage, integral member cellist Joe Kwon is also a captivating performer — giving himself to the music, and fully liberated from the usual static stance of the staid cellist. With bands like Crooked Still and others leading cello slowly but surely into the hallowed halls of bluegrass, and Joe Kwon doing his part, it’s a brave new world for the cello, and a sweet, fluid, expressive low end for the music. A good friend tells me Kwon’s beloved cello is named Chloe. You can tell he loves her. And that, when lost in the music, they are one.”