Wichita Rutherford featured in PARADE Magazine

The November 20, 2005 edition of PARADE Magazine carried a story about podcasting that featured our bluegrass podcasting superstar, Wichita Rutherford. The story was titled Now, Hear This and contained a lot of information about Wichita and about podcasting in general.

In March, Wichita Rutherford, 42, of Nashville was a pool cleaner with a passion for bluegrass. Then the amateur musician learned about podcasting”?a new way to host and distribute your own audio shows online”?and his life changed.

The print edition was accompanied by a photo of Wichita conducting a podcast interview. With his back to the camera but holding his mandolin is Sam Bush.

For anyone who is interested in podcasting, or is a fan of Wichita, this is a great article.