UPDATE: Roger Murrah – songwriter

I was just contacted by Roger Murrah, the songwriter I blogged about here. Speaking of his induction into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame, he had this to say.

It’s quite an honor that I’m still learning how to live with.

osborne brothersI mentioned in my previous post that The Grascalls had recorded his tune, Where Corn Don’t Grow. He brought to my attention that they had also cut another of his tunes, entitled Some Things I Want To Sing About. Many years ago this song was released as the title cut on an Osborne Brothers album. I checked and that album is currently out of print.

Roger closed with a very confident note for his future in the bluegrass world.

I LOVE BLUEGRASS MUSIC and we are going in the studio soon to rearrange some of my songs to pitch to Bluegrass artists. The Grascalls are among my favorites. I appreciate all the great Bluegrass artists and fans out there around the world.