Toy Hearts equipment stolen

Our British bluegrass buddies Toy Hearts have suffered the ultimate indignity to befall the touring musician.

Last night (4/6) they found all their sound gear stolen in Birmingham (in the UK). Someone broke into their van and took it all.

They are asking anyone in the Birmingham area – and anyone who checks online sites that sell used gear – to keep an eye open for the following:

  • 2 x Mach ‘M.Flex 15’ Powered Speakers
  • 1 X Mackie 12 channel mixing desk in Flight Case
  • Flight Case Rack containing:
    • 2 X Behringer compressors
    • 1 X Yamaha Graphic Equalizer
    • 1 X Berhinger Graphic Equalizer with Feedback Destroyer
    • 1 X Multi – Core 12 + 4 (Not on Reel)
  • Microphones
    • 1 X Neuman KM184
    • 1 X Shure Beta 87
    • 2 x AKG C1000 1 original made in Austria Grey color. 1 newer model Silver color.
    • 2 X Audio Technica MB4000C
    • 2 X Shure SM 58
  • Large Tool Box Containing Leads/Speaker Cables/PA Power Cables/ Mike Clips/Tools etc

The band can be reached via Facebook or their web site.

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