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timTim Shelton - photo by Matt Zervos_sheltonLonesome Day Records has announced the signing of Tim Shelton to a multi-project deal.

Shelton had until this year been the lead singer and guitarist for NewFound Road, a contemporary bluegrass group that was mixing pop and blues influences in their music. They had a number of projects on Rounder along with a strong fan base and festival following, until Tim decided that he wanted to come off the road to both pursue a solo career, and get ready for the birth of a new child with his wife Holly, due January 15, 2014.

And then, out of the blue, Tim said he received a call from Randall Deaton at Lonesome Day with a proposal to cut a number of albums for them, and it was something he couldn’t turn down. He tells us that they are shooting first for a grassy release, with something more in the Americana vein to follow.

“After discussing this with Randall, I started thinking that there are a lot of classic bluegrass songs that I love, but never got to do on stage or on record. People often think of me for doing Jackson Browne and Bill Withers with NewFound Road, but I cut my teeth on Ralph and Sparks and Flatt & Scruggs, so I’m excited to get to cut some of that stuff.

Half of this first record will be be my favorite classic bluegrass songs, and half my favorite classic country songs. We’re looking to go in to the studio in December, with some of my favorite musicians.”

Deaton shared a few words about working with Tim, along with a sneak peek from Lonesome Day’s Bob Seger tribute release.

“I first had the opportunity to work with Tim Shelton when he recorded the song Against The Wind for the Bob Seger bluegrass tribute record that we are producing. I had of course heard Tim’s music before but I was blown away by his singing when I heard it in person. We subsequently had several conversations about the music business and I knew that I would like to work with him again someday. I am looking forward to working on a new record this winter and many other records in the future.”


On that track with Tim are Stephen Mougin on guitar, Mike Bub on bass, Darrell Webb on guitar and mandolin, Ned Luberecki on banjo, and Megan Lynch on fiddle. Look for the Seger tribute, Silver Bullet Bluegrass, early in 2014.

We hope to have more details soon about some other new plans Tim is cooking up. You can keep up with him online.

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