2013 Grand Masters Fiddler champions

2013 Grand Masters Fiddler championsThis past weekend, the 2013 Grand Masters Fiddler Championship was held at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville. Prizes were awarded in four categories, with honors announced in up to 20 places.

This prestigious competition draws top-flight fiddlers from all over the country, with one Canadian placing in the top 20.

Here are this year’s winners.

2013 Grand Masters Fiddler championship

  1. Laura Waters –¬†Idaho
  2. Jesse Maw –¬†Montana
  3. Junior Marriott –¬†Missouri
  4. Maddie Denton –¬†Tennessee
  5. Katrina Nicolayeff –¬†Idaho
  6. Doug Fleener –¬†Kentucky
  7. Eli Bishop –¬†Tennessee
  8. Cody Marriott –¬†Missouri
  9. Bubba Hopkins –¬†Texas
  10. Aria Stiles –¬†Minnesota
  11. Justin Branum –¬†Missouri
  12. Harrison Schumann –¬†Texas
  13. Grant Rigney –¬†Tennessee
  14. Miya Saito-Beckman –¬†Oregon
  15. Aynsley Porchak –¬†Ontario, Canada
  16. Andrew Lin –¬†Kentucky
  17. Joel Whittinghill –¬†Kentucky
  18. Billy Contreras –¬†Tennessee
  19. Karissa Nugent –¬†Texas
  20. Jeff Guernsey –¬†Indiana

2013 Grand Masters Fiddler Traditional championship

  1. Tyler Andal –¬†Tennessee
  2. John Boulware¬†–¬†Tennessee
  3. Missy Daley¬†–¬†Tennessee
  4. Mikaela Langley¬†–¬†Tennessee
  5. Brandon Godman¬†–¬†Tennessee
  6. Tanner Marriott¬†–¬†Missouri
  7. Abby Morris¬†–¬†Texas
  8. Woody Hall¬†–¬†Tennessee
  9. Preston Marriott¬†–¬†Missouri

2013 Grand Masters Fiddler Youth championship

  1. Trustin Baker¬†–¬†Missouri
  2. River Lee¬†–¬†Texas
  3. Justin Sherfey¬†–¬†Washington
  4. Ivy Phillips¬†–¬†Tennessee
  5. Jacob Johnson¬†–¬†Alabama
  6. Allie Hagan¬†–¬†Kentucky
  7. Emma DeJarnette¬†–¬†Georgia
  8. Alicyn Newman¬†–¬†Kentucky *tie
  9. Matthew Lin¬†–¬†Kentucky¬†*tie
  10. Lauren Clardy¬†–¬†Tennessee

2013 Grand Masters Fiddler Accompanist championship

  1. Anthony Mature¬†–¬†Texas
  2. Ray Brandin¬†–¬†Louisiana
  3. Sterling Abernathy¬†–¬†Tennessee
  4. Jim Reina¬†–¬†Texas
  5. Ted Williams¬†–¬†Texas

Congratulations one and all!

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