John Cowan to True Lonesome Records – new album this year

Eddie Sanders, John Cowan, and Scott Vestal as Cowan signs with True Lonesome

Celebrated bluegrass artist John Cowan, he of New Grass Revival and John Cowan Band fame, has been announced as the newest artist signed with True Lonesome Records. They will release the album John has been working on for some time now with Scott Vestal at his Digital Underground Studio near Nashville.

We don’t see John as much as we might hope in the bluegrass world these days, since he took the bass gig with The Doobie Brothers, where his astonishingly clear tenor vocals now accentuate their live shows.

But he says that he is eager for everyone to hear what he has been working on, and is delighted to be working with True Lonesome and label partner Eddie Sanders.

“The recording of this album has been a ‘straight from the heart’ event for me. Meeting Eddie Sanders through Scott Vestal has proven to be the gift that keeps on giving.

I asked Eddie upon meeting him while singing on his own record if he’d want to write some music. To my pleasant surprise, he not only said yes, but followed up on it soon thereafter. He is, flat out, a master songwriter.

Eddie, Scott, and I sat down to write with the goal of my doing a record that was more similar to my tenure with The New Grass Revival than the, for lack of a better term, Americana-ish records I’ve made in my career. I think we not only accomplished that mission but surpassed our own expectations.

I’m happy and proud to have this record be stewarded by True Lonesome Records.”

While Cowan was earning his bones with New Grass Revival, Eddie was working at the fabled Sanders Family Bluegrass Festival in McAlester, OK, operated by his family. He got to hear, and become acquainted with, all of the top artist in bluegrass for the duration of the festival, which ran from 1977 until 2008. He has indicated that those formative experiences had an intense influence on him, and his love for the music.

Eddie says that adding such an master artist to the label has been an exciting ride.

“What a thrill it is to have John Cowan join the True Lonesome Records roster. One of the most amazing voices in any genre of music, he is a true icon. We are so proud to have such an esteemed artist to represent True Lonesome Records.

I have had a front-row seat for the entirety of John’s forthcoming project. His work ethic and professionalism have shined as bright as his talent. From beginning to end this new album is indeed ‘John Cowan.’ These songs and his voice will once again remind us of his exemplary contributions to our genre, and further cement his place in our music and our hearts.”

Can’t wait to hear John’s new music! A debut single is expected in July.

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