Thursday at the Florida Bluegrass Classic

The Thursday show at the Florida Bluegrass Classic opened with an open mic session. There a lot of fine entertainers in the campground. There are three pictures that tell the story. On the way to the stage I shot a group jamming by their camper. During the open mic, I shot them on stage, and when I came back in the evening, there they were jamming at the camper once again. This is dedication to the music!!

Jo Odom took over MC duties to bring Kenny Stinson and Perfect Tym’n to the Classic stage. The group has family harmonies with Kenny, Ronda, and their son Gavin. Then award winning Nothin’ Fancy did their first performances of a 2 day stint. They are very popular anywhere they appear.

Friday has instrument workshops in the morning and a full slate of music on the main stage. Penny Creek, Williamson Branch, Billy Droze, and Nothin’ Fancy will provide the entertainment.

Saturday brings a classic car show in the morning with Williamson Branch, The Atlantic City Boys, Lorraine Jordan and Carolina Road, Phil Leadbetter and Clay Hess, and country music icon T.G. Shepard to close out the festival.