Thursday at 2018 Nothin’ Fancy Festival

Nothin’ Fancy at the Nothin’ Fancy Bluegrass Festival – photo © Bill Warren

Thursday at the 2018 Nothin’ Fancy Festival was another warm one. But that didn’t slow down festival managers and hosts Robyn and Willie Wines. They each always have a smile and a good word for everyone.

David Parmley and Cardinal Tradition opened the day’s music. They took us on a journey from the early Bluegrass Cardinal days through Continental Divide, and on to today’s Tradition. Native son, Larry Stephenson was up next. He brings along a group of outstanding young musicians. Larry takes the crowd on a 30+ year trip of his music from some of the very best Gospel, to the pinnacle of bluegrass “murderin’ and killin’” songs. He turned the stage over to the Little Roy and Lizzy Show.

High energy does not begin to describe Roy Lewis. He tires everyone out from watching his antics. Lizzy has developed into a top flight singer with her own style, but she can take everyone back to Lincoln County with some of the old Lewis family music. Nothin’ Fancy followed to give the audience some of their old music and some of their new. Little Roy helped day MC, Calvin Lawson, with the Nothin’ Fancy introduction. Evening MC, Brenda Lawson, helped Larry Stephenson with the Muleskinner Blues. Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver closed the day with another musical journey from the earliest days of Quicksilver forward.

Friday and Saturday promise to bring more of the best bluegrass has to offer with the likes of the Moron Brothers, Junior Sisk, the Malpass Brothers, Mountain Faith, Remington Ryde, the Deer Creek Boys, Jeff Scroggins, LRB, and Nothin’ Fancy.

A stop in Buena Vista should be on your agenda.