The Whistlepigs String Band’s Newest CD

Howdy from another northern bluegrass group! The Whistlepigs String Band from Minnesota is humbled to announce some national attention for our most recent (Feb, 2008) release “Fenceline.” We’ve been around for over five years now and are excited at the prospect of reaching beyond our Midwest base. Check out our website to sample the tracks, check out a video, or maybe pick up a copy. Here’s what the press has had to say…


There are a great number of fine regional bluegrass bands out there playing at the clubs and festivals nationwide. The Whistlepigs String Band is one of the best. They hail from the upper Midwest, and Fenceline includes a number of classic and self composed songs and tunes. Best among them are the instrumental “Fred Digs Up A Hornet’s Nest” and “Sarah Jane” both written by mandolinist Fred Keller. Catch the ‘pigs at a festival near you this Summer.-TD

Summer 2008, Vol 52 2 Sing Out!
This is old-time music recorded the old-time way–every part at once with no second takes, overdubs or fixing mistakes. The Whistlepigs String Band wanted a CD that would sound the same as their stage show and I give them credit for the ability and courage to try to do it and do it well. They have included nine original pieces on a project that is fun loving as well as enjoyable to listen to. Although there are some minor inconsistencies with the timing, this does not distract from the CD as a whole. Overall, well-presented and likeable. I will be uploading it to my MP3 player.

By Hal Cottrell, Bluegrass Music Profiles, Sept/Oct 2008