The Pick Band offers end to lost finger picks

Losing track of your picks can be maddening when the urge to play or practice hits, especially for new banjo or guitar pickers who haven’t developed routines to manage them. And if you have cats in your house, forget about it. There has never been a cat born who can resist pushing something shiny and noisy across the floor.

But Doug Burke has come up with a simple solution, which he is offering as The Pick Band. He has produced a velcro band that can be placed behind the nut, under the strings, which allows you to store both finger and thumb picks there for easy retrieval. With the band unfastened, you slip the strap through the picks, and velcro it back in place. All that is needed is to pull loose the band, and the picks slide right off. It’s a fix so obvious one wonders why no one has thought of it before.

You can see him demonstrate its use in this short video.

Players who like to store their capo in that spot behind the nut could move The Pick Band to the space between the two sets of tuners on the headstock, as the band is plenty long enough for that purpose.

They can be purchased for $10.95 each online. Doug also promises quick and inexpensive shipping.

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