The Cleverlys take Baby to Jam In The Van

Just the idea of a grassy remake of Justin Beiber’s 2010 mega-hit, Baby, is pretty funny as a concept, but the job that The Cleverlys have done with their version is simply masterful. They not only recreate the melody and lyrics in a wholly unexpected genre, they infuse it with uniquely bluegrass tropes that produce an hilarious outcome, especially in live performance.

Starting with its initial release, Baby has had the rare distinction of being both one of the most beloved, and among the most despised pop songs of all times. Part of the negative was the market’s cynical reaction to Beiber as a squeaky-clean teen star, while the positive came from the targeted demographic – teen girls – and their adoring reaction to Beiber as a squeaky-clean teen star.

One would think that The Cleverly’s reprise of the song would appeal mostly to the cynics, but surely there are former Beliebers, now fully grown, who could get a chuckle from it as well.

During this past summer’s Huck Finn festival in California, the folks with Jam In The Van brought their fully mobile studio on site, and captured this brilliant, and fully deadpan, rendition.

Baby, by The Cleverly’s, is available wherever you streaming, and to radio programmers at AirPlay Direct.

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