The Circuit Riders – Let The Ride Begin

let the ride begin

Let The Ride Begin is the debut recording from Pinecastle recording artists the Circuit Riders. While Pinecastle has yet to announce a release of the project, the band does currently have them available for purchase at their live shows. If you like, you can order the CD from their website by sending in a check or money order.

I spoke with Greg Corbett, the banjo player with the Circuit Riders, and asked him briefly about the CD.

We hope folks enjoy the project as much as we did making it. It has some original material that we are proud of and hope folks like it also.

Song clips are available, but I had to dig for them. The clips page is here, but none of the links worked for me. I had to click on the link and then change the extension in my browser url bar from http to mp3. That worked for all but a few of the songs with the notable exception being the first track. The mp3 filename is mis-spelled so you have to change the extension and retype it to read lonsomewind.mp3.

I’ll make this post open for comments, so someone on a windows box take a look at this page and let me know if the clips work for you.