Tales from Fragment’s reunion tour – Day 4

Fragment, one of the most popular central European bluegrass bands ever, is celebrating their 30th anniversary by doing a reunion tour. Bass player and vocalist Jana Mougin is chronicling their tour for us at Bluegrass Today.

Day 4: November 26, Langenau, Germany

Fragment in Langenau, GermanyOur fourth day on the road was a bit different and somewhat relaxing – we didn’t have to travel!  After breakfast, we went back to our cozy rooms and enjoyed some quiet time in a nice hotel in Langenau, where we’ve stayed for two nights.  In the afternoon we went through a couple of songs, that we wanted to add to our show. Around 4 pm we arrived to Pfleghofsaal, located downtown, next to the library. We loaded in the sound system and after the sound check we were ready for dinner with our host Friedrich Hog. To our surprise, we were joined by Lilly Pavlak,  who works as a publicist for many European bluegrass magazines. Lilly lives in Switzerland and I was very impressed, she decided to travel four hours by train, just to see our show.

Fragment in Langenau, GermanyThe concert was sponsored by the German Bluegrass Music Association, that organizes several bluegrass/acoustic music concerts every year in this town. These days it’s not easy to draw a big crowd on Tuesday night, but the true bluegrass fans showed up and made us very welcome.

Again, it was great to play for the listening audience. It was nice to see a few familiar faces, we remembered from many years ago. We can’t thank our hosts enough for a wonderful night!