• Clint White to Nu-Blu

    Clint White has announced that he is leaving The Roys, where he has played fiddle with the band this past five years. He is moving to North Carolina to work with Nu-Blu. Lee Roy spoke for both he and sister Elaine in

  • Roys take 5th ICM award

    At the 2015 Faith, Family & Country Awards show in Nashville, hosted by the Inspirational Country Music Association, The Roys accepted their 5th consecutive trophy for the Inspirational Bluegrass award. The brother/sister duet team of Lee and Elaine Roy have been prominent

  • Photos from Norris Creek 2015

    This report and photos from the inaugural Norris Creek Pig Pickin' festival is a contribution from Laura Tate Ridge. When I am attending a Bluegrass festival, there aren’t many instances when I roll up to the gate to find the promoter

  • Those Boots video from The Roys

    Rural Rhythm Records has released a new music video for The Roys. It's for Those Boots, a Lee Roy and Jenee Fleenor song on the band's current release, The View. The song uses the boots worn by hard working men -

  • Bluegrass Kinda Christmas from The Roys

    It looks like a big year for bluegrass Christmas music, with several artists releasing new project for the holidays. The latest to announce is The Roys, whose Bluegrass Kinda Christmas is set for a November 18 release on Rural Rhythm Records.

  • The View – The Roys

    On their last album, Gypsy Runaway Train, The Roys enlisted the help of two different bands. One half of the album featured seasoned bluegrass pros backing up the siblings on a set of originals, while the other included Lee and

  • The Roys hunting a banjo player

    Just as they celebrate the release of their latest album, The View, The Roys are on the hunt for a new banjo player. Daniel Patrick, who has spent the past year and a half on the road with the band, has