• Todd Taylor with Cage & Focx

    Banjo man Todd Taylor captured lightning on tape in the mid '80s when he covered Free Bird and successfully crossed over into mainstream music enough to make the Top 40 with a gold record. Now, like blazing hot sauce on

  • Alan Bibey tells all

    Veteran bluegrass mandolin player Alan Bibey of Grasstowne does it the old-fashioned way—and doesn’t mind telling you why. He took a few minutes to explain between sound check and Grasstowne’s November 29 performance in the North Brevard Shrine Center in Titusville,

  • A mighty close call for Todd Taylor

    This cringe-inducing story comes from George White, a free lance writer who we hope can be a regular contributor for Bluegras Today. Every musicians' worst nightmare is a severe injury to their fingers. For legendary banjo player Todd Taylor, it also