• The Making of Orchids and Violence

    Michael Daves got a good deal of attention this year for his Orchids and Violence project, which was built on an interesting concept. The eclectic Brooklyn-based singer decided to create the album in the two musical styles that have fascinated him

  • Pretty Polly video from Michael Daves

    Nonesuch Records has released this static video with track audio from Michael Daves' upcoming album, Orchids and Violence. The concept of this record is Daves' idea to include two discs, one with a dozen mostly traditional bluegrass tunes played in his

  • Michael Daves says Let’s Play Two

    The two album concept is having a good run in 2014, with a number of artists deciding to record and release a pair of CDs at the same time. Not a double album, with two distinct discs, but two separate projects that

  • Great Big World – Tony Trischka

    A new album from Tony Trischka is always big news in the banjo world. Since the 1970s he's been cranking out music to challenge 5 stringers and banjo fans alike, and reworking what can be expected from his instrument along

  • Saturday at Grey Fox 2013

    Before starting to festival mode this morning, I discovered that this area has loads to offer folks who might be interested in hiking around, checking out waterfalls, etc. (For info about such things one can contact www.HuyakPreserve.org.) With help from

  • Day 1 of the 40th Annual RockyGrass

    This report from RockyGrass is a contribution from Jake Schepps and Christian Sedelmyer. This year’s RockyGrass sold out on February 27th, the earliest ever sellout for the festival by two months. For those lucky enough to get tickets, this year’s lineup is

  • Thile and Daves at NPR

    NPR has posted the entire 24 minute video of Chris Thile and Michael Daves performing live at a Tiny Desk Concert at the headquarters of NPR Music in Washington, DC. These initially impromptu concerts have grown into a regular NPR feature,

  • Chris and Michael in Charlottesville

    On the road supporting their just released debut album Sleep With One Eye Open, Chris Thile and Michael Daves rolled into Charlottesville last night and set The Southern Cafe and Music Hall’s stage on fire. Playing to a standing room only

  • Free Thile/Daves track

    Regarding the upcoming Chris Thile & Michael Daves duo project we mentioned yesterday... Nonesuch is giving away a free track in exchange for your email address, Chris and Micheal's frenetic take on My Little Girl In Tennessee, famously recorded previously by