• John Cowan – Comfort & Joy

    John Cowan has always been something of a maverick in, and on the fringes of the bluegrass music world. His first introduction to bluegrass fans came when he joined New Grass Revival in 1974, where he held forth as bass player

  • John Cowan Christmas CD

    Here's a surprising change of pace... John Cowan, known for decades for his blues and rock-inflected take on newgrass and Americana music, had recorded a Christmas CD for Koch Records. The project is titled Comfort & Joy, and it is due

  • Bush and The Bluegrass Hotel redux

    Multiple updates after the jump... It seems that the very promising series of projects announced last fall to commemorate The Bluegrass Hotel in Louisville, KY is falling victim to poor communication and inattention to detail. After discussions with Bill Millet, one of

  • Bryon Larrance joins up with John Cowan

    The John Cowan Band has announced the addition of a new member, Bryon Larrance on drums. Bryon grew up in Tennessee, but shipped off to the northeastern US to study at The New England Conservatory and the Manhattan School Of Music

  • John Cowan interview online

    There is a lengthy interview with John Cowan available online, published by the folks at The ProgFiles - a site dedicated to reviewing progressive music of all genres. John talks about his initial entry into the world of alt-grass back in

  • Christmas Grass, Vol. 3

    The holliday season is upon us once again and it's time for a new bluegrass Christmas CD. Christmas Grass Vol. 3 is great addition to the iTunes collection. I personally enjoy Christmas music very much, especially when it's this well

  • John Frazier joins John Cowan Band

    Mandolinist John Frazier, a founding member of Hit & Run Bluegrass, has accepted a position with The John Cowan Band. John is a Philadelphia native, and joined Hit & Run after he moved to Colorado to attend college - where he

  • John Cowan hospitalized

    Friends and fans of noted newgrass vocalist John Cowan have long held that he has a heart as big as his voice, but even the heartiest isn't immune to health concerns. After experiencing chest pains last Thursday, John was hospitalized where

  • New John Cowan tracks on MySpace

    The John Cowan Band has posted some new audio tracks on their MySpace page, designed to showcase the newly revamped band sound. These recordings are otherwise unreleased and showcase John's more scaled down, acoustic approach since bringing new members into

  • Sparks, Cowan, King Wilkie interviews online

    Here are three interviews we found this past few days in local newspapers' coverage of upcoming entertainment events. First up is King Wilkie, whose Reid Burgess was interviewed in The Dallas Morning News on July 23. He spoke with Mario Tarradell