• My Prayer – new single from Echo Valley

    Bell Buckle Records has a new single for Pennsylvania sibling sextet, Echo Valley, a Gospel number titled My Prayer. The group consists of five Anderson sisters along with their younger brother. Emily plays fiddle, Isabelle mandolin, Lizzy plays guitar, Olivia and

  • Echo Valley goes Andrews Sisters on Jingle Bells

    The Anderson sisters who make up the Echo Valley Bluegrass Band in western Pennsylvania, have reached back to their fellow sibling singers, The Andrews Sisters, for inspiration on their bluegrass version of Jingle Bells. For those whose musical memories don't go

  • I Believe video from Echo Valley

    Echo Valley is a family bluegrass group from Pennsylvania featuring six sisters and their little brother. Like so many of this sort of band there is a sweetness to their sound that many people find appealing, and theirs is a

  • Paul and Peter Walked video from Echo Valley

    We've talked many times about the uniquely bluegrass phenomenon of the family band. Our music is rife with this sort of group, composed of multiple siblings, sometimes with parents as well, who perform together on stage. You need a decent-sized

  • Marshall Bluegrass Festival photos

    The Thursday crowd at the Marshall Bluegrass Festival held in Marshall, Michigan at the Calhoun County Fairgrounds was greeted by the promoter and host band member, Jeremie Cole. The first band up was a local group, Breakline, that included host band