• More from Bristol RRR 2014

    The 2014 Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion continued Saturday with another beautiful day. Last year’s Saturday schedule was marred by heavy rains early in the day, but this year brought 80 degree temps and nearly cloudless skies. Thanks to Alane

  • Donna Ulisse shares some writing secrets

    There’s a school of thought that says you can’t teach songwriting. Folks can either write lyrics and compose interesting melodies, or they can’t. But if the craft itself can’t be taught, those interested in pursuing it can gain some valuable perspective

  • The Songwriter In Me from Donna Ulisse

    Donna Ulisse has made quite a name for herself as a songwriter this past few years. Since 2007 she's had six album releases made up almost entirely of her original bluegrass and Gospel songs. That's quite an accomplishment, measured in volume

  • Morning in Bethlehem video

    Donna Ulisse has shared this video of one of the songs from her All The Way To Bethlehem CD, which tells the nativity story in a song series. Each track recalls one piece of the story from the perspective of

  • Donna Ulisse live Christmas show online

    Since the release of her Christmas song cycle album, All The Way To Bethlehem, in November of 2012, Donna Ulisse has been in demand for special performances around the Christmas season. She has done as many as she can this

  • Donna Ulisse shares show online

    Such has been the level of enquiry regarding Donna Ulisse’s touring arrangements; people from  all parts of the U.S.A and overseas asking when she will be visiting their area, Ms. Ulisse has decided to share a show online, via the StageIt

  • Donna Ulisse Celebrates CD at WSM

    Donna Ulisse will celebrate the release of her new album Showin' My Roots as a guest of Charlie Mattos and Bill Cody on WSM's Coffee, Country and Cody show broadcast tomorrow Tuesday October 15, 2013, at 9:15am CT. As well as

  • Donna Ulisse shows her Roots

    We are so used to the fact that Donna Ulisse's CDs consist entirely of her own songs that it comes as a surprise when she releases an album with only two of hers. This will be the case on the