Steve Martin throws down the gauntlet

Steve Martin took to Twitter last week, in a blatant attempt to influence Grammy voters heading into Awards Season.

Hollywood has long embraced the tradition of pushing projects forward in the press, both to hopefully garner Oscar nominations, and subsequently, to win votes for the actual awards. Since the ’30s, Variety would be filled with glossy ads touting this film or that, something that continues to this day, and has crept into the music world as well.

And even in bluegrass. During the IBMA voting period each year, we receive dozens of solicitations from artists’ representatives pleading the case for their various bands, acts, albums or songs. All of these may be mildly irritating, but hey… you can’t blame a guy or gal from trying.

But Martin has gone too far! Perhaps embracing the tenor of an election season in the US, he has sunk to demeaning his opponents for the bluegrass Grammy on Twitter.

When will it end!?

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