Shubb introduces Fine Tune capos

Shubb Fine Tune CapoShubb has introduced a new capo to their line of products. Called the Fine Tune Capo, it is designed for guitar and banjo players who prefer the U-shaped, screw-activated models which have been especially popular among bluegrass musicians of late.

This is a radical redesign for Shubb, whose reputation was built over the past 35 years on a snap-action style capo that could be quickly deployed into action. These original Shubb models introduced a soft rubber padding on the bar that very closely mimicked the density of human flesh, with a tension adjusting screw on the bottom lip.

But these were not easily stored behind the nut when not in use, and were more typically stored in the player’s pocket or in a pouch. For many casual players this never caused an inconvenience, though bluegrass jammers and pro players came to prefer a capo that could quickly be slid down from behind the nut and into position in a few seconds. This sort of design also eliminated concerns over where you may have left your capo, as it was always on the instrument.

Shubb anticipates having the new Fine Tune models in limited production, for both banjo and guitar, manufactured from stainless steel components. The final retail price has not been announced, though they suggest it will be in the $75 range, less than many other manufacturers charge for such a finely-detailed product.

They will be offered only through select dealers, and directly from Shubb, starting on October 2015.

More details and additional product photos can be seen on the Shubb web site.

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