Rural Rhythm to Radio

Fresh Cuts & Key Tracks - Rural Rhythm Radio ServiceRural Rhythm Records is committed to tradition and progress simultaneously. In an effort to promote all the good bluegrass recordings they are putting out these days, the label has just started their own Bluegrass Radio service. They are calling it Fresh Cuts & Key Tracks.

If you’re a radio DJ, you may have already received a copy of Fresh Cuts & Key Tracks. This CD is a special promotional radio disc including seven new singles from current and upcoming Rural Rhythm releases. The tracks are from these artists: Mountain Heart, Carrie Hassler & Hard Rain, Mashville Brigade, Dwight McCall, Randy Kohrs, Rickey Wasson, and Cody Shuler & Pine Mountain Railroad.

I’m told another disc is underway and scheduled for a mid-July shipment.

If you didn’t receive a copy for your show, visit the Fresh Cuts & Key Tracks web page to see what it’s all about. DJs who did not receive a copy should contact them and request to be added to their radio list.

Fans, keep an ear tuned to your favorite bluegrass radio show and check out the new tracks. We’ve already told you about some of these records, and we’ll be bringing you news of the others as soon as we have it!