Rudy Fest benefit concert next month in Kentucky

No one who was in attendance at Rudy Fest 2017 will ever forget being there. Everyone had to be evacuated from the campground, artists and audience alike, when 5 inches of water fell on the area in a short space of time, and the site was flooded by fast moving water up to four feet in depth.

Fast action by the Rudy Fest and county emergency staff prevented any loss of life, but both the festival organization and a good many attendees suffered major property damage from the flood. Promoter Rudy Burchett has vowed that the festival will return next year, but in a new location situated on higher ground.

Rudy Fest has been a popular annual destination for many years, where a fun atmosphere reigns and the music is always first rate. Volunteers helped Burchett and his staff clean up the area the waters came through, and now people are stepping up to assist financially as well.

Spearheaded by Josh Trivett with Moonstruck Management, who books and manages several top bluegrass entertainers, a benefit concert has been scheduled in Ashland, KY next month to provide assistance. Music will be provided by The Lonesome River Band, the Dave Adkins Band, and regional favorites, The Danny Davis Band.

Josh says that this is something he wanted to do to personally lend a hand to his friends at Rudy Fest.

“The purpose of this show at the Paramount Arts Center in Ashland, KY on Saturday August 19 is to benefit The Rudy Fest Bluegrass Festival organization. Most people do not know this, but they donate all the proceeds of the festival (after covering costs, of course) to the local schools to buy athletic uniforms. They have been great friends to the schools and kids of the Carter County, KY area. This is personally one of my favorite festivals to attend each year, and the organizing staff have become almost family to me.

In a world where bluegrass festivals are unfortunately closing their doors at a rate that is somewhat alarming to me, I wanted to help this staff ensure that they can continue forward. To so many bands this is one festival that they look forward to every year. I am thankful they are going to attempt to try to keep the festival going, but I wanted to personally do something to help.”

Tickets are available now starting at $26 from the Paramount Arts Center, with all proceeds after expenses going to Rudy Fest. Given how generous the festival has been through the years, the organizers are certainly deserving of a helping hand themselves.

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