Ridin’ from Marty Falle’s new album

It is always interesting to discover how bluegrass artists get involved in the music. Some grow up with it in their family, with a parent in a performing band, or as member of such a group themselves. Others discover it for themselves, through friends, through recordings, or by seeing an artist live.

It’s especially intriguing with a non-traditional artist like South Carolina’s Marty Falle. In saying ‘non-traditional,’ we don’t mean that original bluegrass isn’t his milieu, but that Falle takes a different approach to the music business as an artist. A Senior Principal at a large financial company affiliated with IBM, his interest is in writing, singing, and recording his music, with no particular concern about touring. Not to mention that a demanding career such as his would allow no time for that sort of travel. Plus he is devoted to his wife and son, and wouldn’t want to do the necessary travel.

But with the success that has come his way in business, Marty has chosen to focus his outside energy on bluegrass music.

Growing up in Ohio, he never even heard traditional music until graduating from Ohio University, and taking his first job as a sales rep in Kentucky’s coal mining region. His customers warmly welcomed him as a newcomer, and shared their culture with the young Falle. He had been a singer in college, but the sound of bluegrass and original country music took over his mind when they took him to Renfro Valley. His college experience with rock bands and songwriting were now directed towards something more real.

After a pair of albums in a country vein, it was all bluegrass for Marty. He traveled to Nashville, booked a studio, and hired top sidemen to record his original songs. His 2021 album, Virgin on the Bluegrass, marked his first all grass effort, and a new side to his music.

With a new album in tow, Kentucky Bluestar, Falle has agreed to share his first single, Ridin’, with our readers. You can still hear the country influence in his writing, but the sound is bluegrass.

His producer, Jonathan Yudkin, praises this most recent recording.

“Marty has found his place and taken it a step further. He embodies the spirit of bluegrass, yet he doesn’t write typical songs, which brings a fresh presentation to this style of music.”

Studio support comes from Matt Menefee on banjo, Rob Ickes on reso-guitar, Carl Miner on guitar, and Yudkin on mandolin and fiddle. Marty also played guitar and added lead and harmony vocals.

Have a listen to Ridin’

Ridin’, and the full Kentucky Bluestar album, are available now from popular download and streaming services online. Radio programmers will find the tracks via AirPlay Direct.

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