ResoGAT 2022 report with photos

This report and photos are a contribution from Rolo Lassiter.

The 21st annual ResoGAT (the original Dopyera gathering of resophonic guitarist ethusiasts) was held July 6-9 at the Holiday Inn Express in Wilkesboro, NC. There were over 100 Dobro players attending from across the country.

The event was led by Todd Borger from Wake Forest, NC. There were six builders displaying their goods, the most notable being Paul Beard. Also attending were Peter Mosco, Stephen Griffis, David Koebel, David McClary, Jerret Hall, and Riece Brown. There was also a wonderful Tut Taylor memorabilia display by Corey Lee Mcquade.

The 2022 honoree was Leroy McNees from the Andy Griffith Show, the legendary Country Boys, and the Kentucky Colonels. Leroy held an informative workshop on his lifetime achievements. Pammy Davis Lassiter was recognized for her 15 years of leading ResoGAT. She received an engraved Slyde Compartment made by Jerret Hall.

There were workshops, auctions, a raffle, much jamming, and a banquet. Notable attendees included Josh Swift, Tim Graves, Matt Ledbetter,, and Mike Esposito who is the only person to attend all the ResoGATs.

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