Planet Bluegrass Podcast

There is now one more bluegrass podcast in circulation over the internet. Planet Bluegrass is now hosting a bi-weekly podcast featuring interviews with performers scheduled to appear at upcoming festivals. The podcast also includes memories from past festivals and news about upcoming events from Planet Bluegrass. Planet Bluegrass is one of the first festivals in the country to offer a free festival preview podcast.

The first episode features an interview with mandolin virtuoso Mike Marshall, who discusses his upcoming Telluride performance, his latest culinary adventures, and a solo mandolin performance of the Brazilian choro “Odeon.”

Future podcasts will include both new Planet Bluegrass artists (Stephen Kellogg is scheduled for a future podcast) and festival veterans (Tim O”Brien and Yonder Mountain String Band are both scheduled for feature episodes).

An MP3 of this first podcast can be downloaded individually at:

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You can subscribe to the Planet Bluegrass podcast using the following RSS enclosure:
It’s also available in iTunes. Just search for Planet Bluegrass and you’ll find it.

More information and subscription instructions are available at: