No Mountain Girl video from Dewey & Leslie Brown

During the 15 years we have been writing online, we have seen bluegrass use of music videos grow exponentially, from almost nonexistent in 2004 to a standard part of the promotional efforts for new recordings in 2019. During that time, we have also witnessed a revolution in video technology, with the quality of hand held devices shooting way up, while the ease and affordability of editing software has dropped way down.

It seems that we receive two or three new music videos each week at Bluegrass Today, most of which we are delighted to share with our readers, but while nearly all are professionally shot and edited, the one thing we rarely see are the short film-style videos which are much more common in other genres.

But Dewey & Leslie Brown are doing something about that. Their new video for No Mountain Girl, from their Under The Mountain album, is a cleverly conceived and executed film that tells of a young woman who brings ruin to everyone she meets. It starts with the wail of a mournful fiddle as we see a pretty young girl head out for an adventure in town. Soon she has wrapped a young man around her finger, and leads him to a life of crime and devastation – or so she thinks.

Working with Emmy award-winning filmmaker Dean Jones, the Browns reimagined the song which Leslie had written with a Bonnie & Clyde theme – not exactly a first in bluegrass music – and hired a talented cast to execute the project. Not only does it perfectly suit the song, and capture the eerie beauty of the western North Carolina mountains, it stands on its own as a film treatment over its five minute run time.

See what you think… and be sure to watch to the end.

The album is available wherever you stream or download music online, and to radio programmers at AirPlay Direct. No Mountain Girl will be the last single from this project, as Dewey and Leslie have been back in the studio recording a follow-up to Under The Mountain, expected later this year.

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