No GrassCast – sorry

The GrassCastSorry folks… I have been unable to get this week’s GrassCast episode encoded and uploaded for delivery. The next three episodes have been recorded and edited, with the expectation that I could set them for delivery during Brance’s absence, Unfortunately, it seems there is a technical obstacle which I have been unable to overcome.

I’ll spare you the lengthy description of the file-corruption-during-ftp-transfer problems I have encountered, and simply say that if Brance is able to find Internet access when he stops over in Germany tonight, or when he arrives in Poland on Sunday, I will get the next few GrassCast episodes ready for distribution.

Failing that, we’ll make them available all at once when Brance is safely back in the studio – where I need him desperately!

Please accept my most sincere apology for the delay.

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