New Single, Better With Time, from Billy Droze

Billy Droze is one of the freshest songwriting voices to hit bluegrass music in quite some time. He has a knack for the memorable line, tremendous skill assembling melodies, and the natural feel for what makes a great song that is needed to stand above the many working in Nashville.

I first encountered his writing in a knowing way listening to The Grascals’ latest album, and then there’s this, driving home on a long trip. The first track, I Know Better, was written by Droze and Chris Meyer and it nearly leaps from the CD to grab you. My first reaction was to the band’s new singer, Jon Bryan, who sings the fire out of the song, followed by that classic “Who wrote this?” response after the song laid out.

It tells the familiar story of a man who’s realized where his love life is going, and is determined to stop his bad luck right here, right now. How do you breathe new life into one of the oldest stories in the world? Listen to this one and see. I’m sure I listened six times straight through on my drive.

Since that time, Billy has released two songs from an upcoming album with Rural Rhythm, with one, Kentucky Blue, hitting #1 on our Bluegrass Today Weekly Airplay Chart two weeks in a row. The project, To Whom It May Concern, is finally ready and should be released this summer, with a new single, Better With Time, out now.

Billy says that the song, written with Ronnie Bowman and James Evan Parker, has a ‘meant to be’ vibe for him.

“I feel like Better With Time dropped right out of the sky, like it was destined to be included on this upcoming album. I initially felt this song to be my own life experience, that faith in God and perseverance will get you through all things. With the help of two close friends, veteran songwriters Jim Parker and Ronnie Bowman, the song was sculpted into, what I believe will be very impactful and enlightening to the listener.  In other words, I think it will help many to understand It All Gets Better with Time.”

Here’s a taste…

The track was recorded with help from Bowman and Billy’s wife, Marja, singing harmony. Michael Stockton is on reso-guitar, Jason Roller on guitar, Matthew Davis on banjo, David Freeman on mandolin, and Mitchell Brown on bass.

Better With Time is available to radio programmers at Airplay Direct, and To Whom It May Concern is expected to release in late July on Rural Rhythm Records.

Find out more about Billy Droze online.

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