New beginner banjo DVDs from AcuTab

After more than ten years creating and publishing celebrated instructional materials for intermediate and advanced level banjo players, AcuTab Publications is releasing the first three DVDs in their new Learn To Play Bluegrass Banjo series for folks just getting started with the banjo.

From the AcuTab site:

A recurring complaint we have heard from new players is that so many beginner books or videos try to cover too much material, too rapidly for the average inexperienced student to quickly absorb. The Learn To Play Bluegrass Banjo DVDs cover smaller amounts of information, but in a much more thorough manner – with careful, detailed explanations and lots of close up views of both hands.

Your humble blog authors are intimately involved in this project, as the Lessons in this AcuTab beginner banjo series series are taught by John Lawless, and they were all filmed and edited by yours truly at Clear Blue Productions. In addition to his work as a publisher and banjo player, John has long been recognized as a premier banjo instructor, and with the release of these first three DVD lessons, new banjo players everywhere can benefit from John’s thirty plus years of banjo teaching experience.

The DVDs will be ready by late December ’05 – not in time for Christmas delivery, but perfectly timed for those folks who will begin their study of the banjo in earnest just after the holidays. AcuTab is accepting pre-orders now, and will ship as soon as the DVDs are available, on or near December 28. They will also be available from your favorite music store or online retailer at the end of the month.

AcuTab is offering a special “package price” for anyone ordering the first three DVDs in this series together – $75 for all three, as opposed to $30 each.