Nechville East at Turtle Hill Banjo Company

Danny Stewart and Tom Nechville announce Nechville East

Turtle Hill Banjo Company in Annapolis, MD has announced a special relationship with Nechville Banjos.

We had reported recently on Nechville’s move from their founding base in Minnesota to Tom Nechville’s new home in Sisters, OR. Tom has established a retail showroom and banjo repair facility in Sisters, which he calls Nechville Banjos West. All of his banjos are now made there in Oregon.

Tom has now announced the launch of Nechville East at Turtle Hill Banjo Company. Per their agreement, owner Danny Stewart will have current Nechville banjo models in stock, in addition to multiple used ones, and maintain a Nechville repair facility with appropriate parts and accessories on hand.

Turtle Hill and Nechville have a long established relationship that goes back 25 years, before Stewart took over the company last year.

Tom says that he is fully confident that he has found the right partner for his east coast distribution hub.

“Nechville East at the Turtle Hill Banjo Company is the curator of one of the world’s finest collections of Nechvilles and classic banjos that have been thoroughly vetted by Danny and myself as a team. We are of a like mind when it comes to dialing in a personalized sound for each and every Nechville, and are committed to presenting these revolutionary banjos in peak condition.”

Danny agrees, saying that offering personal attention in a one-on-one setting, a longtime Turtle Hill tradition, fits perfectly with Tom’s plans for this new arrangement.

“With our large, diverse inventory, we are incredibly proud of our open-back and resonator Nechville collection. We strive to offer used and new banjos for every player’s taste and ability. The best part of Nechville East is the amazing inventory of accessories. This includes a large selection of bridges, armrests, tailpieces, pickup systems, tone rings, and more to customize your Nechville experience.

Where else can you visit and play 20+ Nechville Banjos, and then switch out a head or tone ring for customizing the instrument to your exact specifications?”

Turtle Hill Banjo Company is open by appointment, allowing buyers and sellers of high grade professional and collectible instruments to arrange for time to spend with the many banjos in stock. Appointments can be arranged online.

Danny also offers virtual appointments where buyers can at least see and hear banjos from his inventory before making a trip out to play them in person. You can see what is in stock, new and used, on the Turtle Hill web site.

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