Nate Lee to Becky Buller Band

The Becky Buller Band will also have a new look for 2017. This afternoon she has announced the departure of guitarist Brandon Bostic, with Nate Lee coming on board to play mandolin and fiddle, and fiddler Dan Boner moving over to guitar.

A hallmark of Buller’s band since its inception has been the members switching off on various instruments as best serves each song on their show. Becky plays fiddle, banjo, and guitar at different times, and Dan jumping from fiddle to mandolin to guitar as well. With Nate in the group, they have another multi weapon assault at the ready, as Lee plays fiddle, mandolin, banjo, and guitar quite well.

Effective immediately, Lee joins Becky and Dan, plus Ned Luberecki on banjo and Daniel Hardin on bass. In a statement released today, Nate extended his gratitude to the artists he has worked with of late, while expressing his enthusiasm for touring with Becky et al.

“Since moving to Nashville in 2012, I have had the privilege of touring with so many wonderful people. I would like to thank Ashleigh Caudill, Irene Kelley, Town Mountain, and Jim Hurst for including me in their bands, projects, gigs and recordings. I have learned so much from all of these artists and playing with them has been an exciting experience.

In the past two years, I’ve had the opportunity to tour on a fill-in basis with the Becky Buller Band. Becky is an accomplished artist and business person and touring with B^3 is easier than falling off a log! Becky, Ned, Daniel, Dan and CJ are skilled at their craft and they’re really great people, too. I have always admired their musicianship and their fun, relaxed, selfie-taking stage presence. I’m excited to join the Becky Buller Band full-time!”

Buller is equally pleased to get Lee in the group, even as she pays tribute to Bostic for his service.

“Nate is GREAT! His musicianship and professionalism are impeccable and he’s so easy to travel with. We’ve enjoyed the times he has ‘pinch picked’ with us over the last couple years and are excited he was interested in becoming a permanent fixture in B^3.

Brandon is one of the most talented people I have ever met. He’s fluent in any style you can imagine on just about every instrument. (Granted, I haven’t heard him fiddle yet…) He sings, he writes, he’s a seasoned live and studio engineer. He knows where to find awesome food and if he can’t find it, he’ll whip something delicious up. He was so handy to have around!”

And Brandon is absolutely hilarious! We’ve worked together on and off since 2007 and I know we’ll work together again soon. I’m just so grateful he was able to carve out time to run up and down The Bluegrass Road with us these last two years, playing some killer music and having a great time.”

You can check the Becky Buller Band web site for their 2017 tour schedule. Also keep an eye peeled for Brandon, who will have new projects shortly with both Blue Moon Rising and The Likely Culprits, and maybe even The Darrell Brothers.

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