Momentum Awards suggestions due this week

We have written in the past about the new Momentum Awards, recently announced by the International Bluegrass Music Association, to recognize artists and industry folks in the early stages of their careers.

The IBMA is working on a short horizon this first year, and asked if we would remind everyone that suggestions for appropriate candidates should be sent to their attention this week. A committee has been seated to determine the nominees – and the winners – and they are eager to hear from the wider bluegrass community lest some worthy candidate be overlooked.

As we posted in an earlier piece, the Momentum Awards are divided into performance and industry categories.

Performance Awards:

  • 3 instrumental awards (for any of the traditional bluegrass instruments OR a non-traditional one (cello, percussion, etc)
  • 1 vocalist award – male or female
  • 1 Momentum Band

For each of the Performance Awards, both demonstrated musical ability and business savvy will be considered in selecting the winners.

 Industry Awards:

  • 1 Momentum Industry Involvement Award – for individuals new to the industry who are proving to be forerunners in their field and are fostering the image of bluegrass with their developments and achievements
  • 1 Venue/Festival
  • 1 Mentor of the Year – honoring an individual who has contributed greatly to helping the careers of new musicians and bluegrass professionals.

The idea is to find people who may be familiar to insiders, but not yet well known enough to be household names among the bluegrass faithful. It is hoped that by bringing some attention to these folks as they get on the first rungs of the ladder, their potential for being successful and making a career in the music will be enhanced.

Though conceived primarily to provide a boost for younger folks, there is no age limit for the eight awards.

Your suggestions are actively solicited, and can be sent to the IBMA by email through this Friday (7/27). Membership in the IBMA is not required to submit a suggestion.

Momentum Award nominees for 2012 will be announced in late August, with winners announced and trophies awarded during World Of Bluegrass in September.

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