Missy Raines & The New Hip: EP

Missy Raines &The New HipMissy Raines is one of those musicians who seems to defy all the laws of both nature and logic. How can someone be that small, and that good on such a large instrument? Why would a bass player front a band? She is exemplary at both these tasks.

Missy Raines & The New Hip is the name of that band and this five piece ensemble lives up to their name.

Today is the release of the group’s first recording. The self-titled disc, Missy Raines & The New Hip includes 5 tracks and one free download if you buy before midnight tonight.

Today is the day we’ve been waiting for for a long time. We’re releasing our new EP, the very first recording by missy raines & the new hip! For the bluegrass lovers it’ll be obvious that our roots are showing, but we’ve also stirred a few other things into the pot- a little jazz, a little groove and a whole lot of hip!

Go listen to this recording expecting to hear traditional bluegrass and you’ll surely be disappointed. Go expecting to hear some great music that includes some bluegrass sensibility, and you’ll be very pleased.

The band consists of Raines on upright acoustic bass, Ethan Ballinger on mandolin, Michael Witcher on electric (jazz style) guitar and resonator guitar, Megan McCormick on acoustic guitar, and Lee Holland on drums. Don’t worry, he’s very tasteful! There are a few special guests on the recording as well.

Don’t forget that ordering your copy before midnight tonight will get you in on the exclusive download of Silver Lake.

We have a special track just for you: Silver Lake, a funky instrumental of mine. This is a previously unreleased studio cut by the new hip. Some of you may remember this tune from my ‚ÄòMy Place in the Sun’ cd, complete with James Brown horns, or you may have heard Jim Hurst and I work our chemistry on it live with just bass and guitar. Well, I’ve always wanted to record this tune with the band to see what would happen with it. The cool thing about Silver Lake is that it continues to live well in whatever context we put it- and it feels like it was made for this band. We had a blast cutting it, and want to share it with you. But this is the only time we’re offering it, so be the first on your block to get it and ORDER NOW!!

The band website has been completely overhauled for this release, with a new look and feel. Look for the band on all the usual social network sites (Facebook, Myspace, ReverbNation) and be sure to drop them a note.

If you’re a DJ you can have instant access to the tracks via AirplayDirect.

The band has also entered a contest on Ourstage.com to win a slot at the Newport Jazz Festival. If you’re so inclined, you can sign up and vote for the band. Maybe they’ll get to represent bluegrass to some jazz fans. I’d be proud to send them as our delegates!