Lookback photos from the 2005 Charlotte Bluegrass Festival

Here is another blast from the past to enjoy during this down time.

The Charlotte Bluegrass Festival has been held in Charlotte, Michigan for over 45 years. This is a taste of 2005.

Many of us remember the late Vince Combs. He was a Bill Monroe traditionalist. He was a regular at many Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky festivals.

The Lonesome River Band had some of the same faces as today along with a couple old friends. Sammy is joined by Mike Hartgrove, Brandon Rickman, Jeff Parker, and John Wade.

David Parmley and Continental Divide performed at the festival. You should recognize David’s long time band mates Steve Day, Dale Perry, and Randy Graham.

Tommy Brown and County Line Grass were always a favorite at Charlotte. We see a young Jereme Brown along with Bobby Priest in one photo. We see the whole Brown clan and friends in another.

The late Ernie Thacker brought Route 23 that included his brother Matthew and Wendy Miller.

The Wildwood Valley Boys appeared several times at this festival. Tony Holt and his father, Aubrey, were the core. They were joined by Paul Priest and a young Michael Cleveland.

Audie Blaylock spent many of his younger years hanging out at Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana festivals. He brought his band, Redline, to a home festival this year. You just might recognize some of the band members – Stephen Mougin, Bobby Davis, and Patrick McAvinue.

Stay tuned for more “blast from the past”.

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