Knee-Deep In Bluegrass adds affiliate stations

IBMA Broadcaster of the Year Cindy Baucom has announced the addition of several new affiliate stations that are now carrying her show Knee-Deep In Bluegrass. The new stations are:

  • WDKN, Dickson, TN
  • WFFF, Columbia, MS
  • WIXE, Monroe, NC
  • WABO, Waynesboro, MS
  • KLTF, Little Falls, MN
  • WPRN, Butler, AL
  • WXAB/WIGG, Wiggins, MS

If you live in an area to pick up one of these stations then you are in for some fine bluegrass programming. Otherwise, check for a full station listing to find a station in your area.

I contacted Cindy and asked her to comment on the addition of these new stations.

I’ve been working very hard to contact radio stations and talk with them about adding more Bluegrass to their programming. The efforts have paid off with 8 new radio stations adding “Knee-Deep In Bluegrass” over the past couple of months. This brings a total of 61 radio stations airing “Knee-Deep In Bluegrass” every week. I count it a real priviledge to get to present quality Bluegrass talent on the radio to such a large audience each week. I am very selective of material I use on the show. It is very important to me to help grow the audience of Bluegrass and I think to best do that, a high standard has to be set in the production of the show and the music that is heard. My plans for this year are to continue searching for stations wanting to expand their programming to include Bluegrass and to put out the best show possible every week.