Josh Williams on his departure from Rhonda Vincent & The Rage

We finally caught up with Josh Williams last night to discuss his surprise announcement over the weekend that he was leaving his position as guitarist and vocalist with Rhonda Vincent & The Rage.

In fact, Josh isn’t so much leaving Rhonda, a gig that means a great deal to him, but instead is leaving the world of touring behind to focus on the most important post any man can aspire to, that of a devoted father to his children. As any parent knows, children only remain as soft little sponges for a short season, and there is nothing you can give them that is more valuable than your presence in their lives.

So for now, Williams will be working a day job and remaining at home to be their dad.

Josh shared a few words about his decision, his deep appreciation for Rhonda, and his determination to stay attached to music as time goes on.

“I don’t know of any person who has been better to me over the years than Rhonda Vincent. She and the Rage guys are my family, and they always will be! They helped me believe in myself when I didn’t, and when other people didn’t as well. I love them so much!

The time has come for me to leave and focus on my three children…Weldon, Whitley, and Gus. I have had my turn for my entire life to play music and travel on the road all the time….but now it’s their turn. It’s their turn to have a daddy they can see on weekends. A daddy who can be present in their lives in person, instead of over a telephone.

I am so very grateful to Rhonda for her confidence in me and giving me a second chance. A chance to right a wrong in my life. And thank you to all the Ragers for welcoming me back with open arms. I could never stop playing music!! I wouldn’t be me without it. It’s just time for me to shift my focus to my family.”

This is why we love Josh Williams.

Bluegrass lovers with long memories will recall that Alan Bibey made this same decision in 1992 when he was a member of the original edition of IIIrd Tyme Out. His two young daughters needed their dad, and he needed to be with them. Now, they have grown into lovely young women with careers and families of their own, and we in the bluegrass world have Alan back in the music. Everybody wins!

Best of luck to Josh in his new career, and to his three beautiful children.

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