Joe Carr – School of Mandolin

School of MandolinMel Bay Publications has just released the first book in a new series called “School Of.” This particular book is the School of Mandolin: Basic Chords and Soloing.

Taught by veteran educator Joe Carr, the book presents 16 tunes (some with multiple variations) intended to introduce the player to a variety of essential techniques.

I spoke with Joe via email about the book.

This is the first book in a new series that will include titles on bluegrass, blues, Irish and more. This book is not specifically bluegrass focused, but is intended for beginners who want to use primarily Amercian folk material as a starting place.

Emphasis is on correct pick direction – a crucial skill, sections on standard notation reading, and basic scales.

The idea is to ground players in good technique and teach them the skills to continue “self-guided development” on their instrument.

Having studied guitar under Joe for three years, while attending South Plains College, I can attest to the efficacy of his teaching. Students at any level would be well served by following Joe’s instruction. This book is aimed primarily at beginners, but more are soon to follow for both differing genres and skill levels.