Jesse McReynolds resting at home

jesse_thBluegrass hero and mandolin monster, Jesse McReynolds is taking it easy at home after an out-patient procedure at St. Thomas Hospital in Nashville on Tuesday.

This was his second electrophysiological study with ablation this year, where catheters are inserted into larger blood vessels and snaked through to the heart. There they measure electrical activity to help diagnose any irregular heartbeat that may be present.

McReynolds, of course, has toured and recorded in bluegrass since 1952, most of it as Jim & Jesse with his brother, Jim McReynolds. Since Jim’s passing late in 2002, Jesse has kept their old group, The Virginia Boys, intact and continued on as his health and inclination have allowed.

Jesse’s wife Joy said that he was only at the hospital a few hours on Tuesday, and that he is doing just fine.

“All went well. The doctor is optimistic! Jesse is resting comfortably here at home, watching a lot of old Western movies. That’s his favorite.

He had this procedure before back in January. At that time, the doctor said it might have to be repeated. All seemed very well for more than six months; we thought he had it licked. It was only in the last month he started having some spells where his heart was racing.

So we thought it was a good idea to have this done quickly, as it isn’t a serious procedure, but at 85, it does take a little longer for a person to recover sometimes. The doctors are amazed at Jesse. His overall health is great for being 85 years old! And his mind and music are very sharp.”

Joy said that they don’t anticipate him missing any scheduled appearances, as he recovered very quickly from the first procedure. She also wanted to share a public thanks to the medical folks who have been tending to Jesse.

Jesse McReynolds“We just need to say something about the great team looking after Jesse: at St. Thomas we have Dr. Stephen Fahrig and Dr. Dante Graves, and up in Massachusetts, Dr. Gerard Aurigemma is also consulting. So we have the very best, and we are truly grateful.

And Dr. Aurigemma has a very special interest in this case. He looks forward to getting some guitar lessons from Jesse!

Thank you and all Jesse’s fans so much.

The outpouring of love and support has been such a blessing!”

Get well soon, Jesse!

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