IIIrd Tyme Out hits the road – day 1

This post is a contribution from Steve Dilling. He will be chronicling IIIrd Tyme Out’s west coast tour for Bluegrass Today in October, as he has done in the past.

I am so glad to be able to keep a journal again of our trip to the west coast with all of Bluegrass Today readers. These trips are usually filled with many great memories, and we look forward to sharing them with you. We should be out on this tour until November 2nd.

The bus pulled out from Russell’s house at 8 am on Wednesday morning. Jack had the first driving shift, while Russell was up riding with him. The rest of us were still asleep, as we didn’t arrive to the bus until the middle of the night. The first stop was to fuel the bus up, and pick up any last minute drinks or snacks that we didn’t bring with us. We all usually bring some food from home and give the microwave a workout during our trips. Eating out on the road can get expensive! With that being said, we had our sights set on lunch. There are certain places throughout the country that are on our list of favorite places to eat, and we were getting ready to make one of those stops, it wouldn’t matter what it cost! This place is Green Top Bar-B-Q, in Jasper, Alabama. We have been stopping here for years when we travel through this area. We don’t get to come this way very often, so it is a must to make this stop. Wayne even got up at noon to go in and eat!

After a great meal, it was my turn to take the wheel for a driving shift. We typically take a 4 hour shift driving, divided up between myself, Russell, Justen, and Jack. Wayne, Edgar, and Donnie usually take turns riding shotgun overnight. We have all had a chance to get a couple of shifts in since we left. While Russell was driving a shift, we were able to listen to some demos of new songs. We are currently trying to find new material for a new recording, and taking advantage of time together on the road is a perfect time to listen to demos.

I drove my second shift from midnight ‘till 4 am with Wayne riding shotgun. We broke out my iPod and listened to it plugged into the stereo together. We listened to everyone from The Boxcars to Foreigner. Listening to music really helps make the time go by. We stopped and got fuel in Oklahoma, and then bought the strongest cup of coffee that I have ever had! After my shift, I turned the wheel over to Justen and I went to bed. He drove a shift with Donnie riding shotgun, then turned the wheel over Russell.

As I am writing this entry, it is Thursday morning and we have just crossed into Arizona on Interstate 40. Today should be much like yesterday, just riding and enjoying the sights of this beautiful country that we live in. Plans are to stop in Barstow, California this evening at a truck wash to have bus washed, and the wheels polished. After that stop, we’ll turn north and head toward the San Francisco bay area for our first performance on Friday in Livermore, California.