IBMA chat with the Ozaki Brothers

This year’s World of Bluegrass in Raleigh was chock full of highlights, but few that we experienced in the Bluegrass Today press office can match this delightful interview Tara Linhardt conducted with Yasushi and Hisashi Ozaki on Thursday afternoon following their acceptance of a Distinguished Achievement Award for the East Mountain Boys. Their discussion of learning to play bluegrass in occupied Japan is priceless.


  • David Smith

    Tony Rice’s Hall of Fame speech has rightfully been in the spotlight coming out of IBMA, but having attended the Awards Luncheon, I found the introduction and acceptance speech of the East Mountain Boys for their Distinguished Achievement Award to be one of the most moving public displays I’ve ever witnessed.

    • I agree David. Acceptance speeches often are a bit monotone and a few thank you’s and I have never been moved to grab my camera and hit video record in the middle of one ever. But I did this time. No tripod and hadn’t even gotten myself positioned, but I hit record. I wish I had had the whole thing, but who knew..?

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  • Chris Quinn

    That was wonderful to see and hear.

    Two brothers, who followed their bliss and found themselves living their lives, and expressing themselves in an art form born so very far away from their geographic and cultural doorstep.

    Theses lives lived in devotion to the music of Mr. Monroe are as inspiring as one may need.

    While it may be argued that only those born close to the bluegrass heartland are able to play the music the way it can and should be played; perhaps what may also be of as much importance is the pure, sheer, love of the music itself!

    When the sound and the song simply will not let go of a person; when the power of the drive lifts one in a way that it becomes a cultural staple in their everyday; when distance is only physical: then, a person has found themselves an artistic home.

    Congratulations to The Ozaki Brothers!!

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