IBMA Awards eligibility for 2017

It’s that time of year again, when the International Bluegrass Music Association asks for your help! Help with identifying eligible recordings for the 2017 IBMA Awards, that is. In order to accurately represent as much of the bluegrass world as possible, the IBMA allows the public to submit names to their Reference List of Eligible Recordings each year prior to the release of the first awards show ballot.

Submissions will be collected through April 10. To be eligible for submission, recordings must have been released between April 1, 2016 and March 31, 2017. So, if you’re a fan, make sure you let IBMA know what your favorite album was this last year. If you’re an artist – especially if you have self-released an album – make sure you submit your name for consideration. While it isn’t a ballot in any way, contributing to this list is crucial to making sure your favorite artists are recognized for their efforts. The list is also used as a reminder to members as they cast their ballots in the first round of awards voting.

While each round of voting for the IBMA Awards is restricted those who hold a professional membership in the IBMA, items for consideration may be submitted by both members and non-members. To access the IBMA Awards Eligibility Form click here.  

The ballot timeline has also been announced. Mark your calendars now so you’re sure to do your part!

  • Ballot 1: April 14 – April 28
  • Ballot 2: June 15 – June 30
  • Ballot 3: August 1 – August 15   

For more information, visit IBMA online.

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