Henhouse Prowlers do the town in Leuven

Here’s the seventh report by The Henhouse Prowlers from their ongoing European tour. This comes from banjo picker and founding member, Ben Wright. The guys have promised daily reports (with photos) from their Euro-jaunt over the next week or so. You can follow all their posts by clicking here.

It goes without saying that the architecture in Europe is stunning, particularly to Americans that seldom see anything older than a couple centuries.

Our hosts here have been telling us since we arrived (with eyes the size of saucers, no doubt) that we would love the town of Leuven. Indeed, the Gothic style buildings and streets were a sight to behold when we arrived.

Still, last night was a reminder to us that we’re here to work. The streets, shops and buildings called out to us, but we had to set up for our performance.

This is NOT to say we’re not thrilled to be here. The Blockhut was a terrific little venue. There was a mix of British, French and American decor on the walls and a seemingly similar mix of students sitting at the bar. Before we played we had about 30 minutes to walk around and snapped a bunch of photo’s. They speak for themselves, I think.

The show was great!  There were a handful of students at the end that wanted to talk with us about Chicago.  “All we know is that Chicago is where Rte. 66 starts!”

Indeed it is.

Tomorrow we play in Olen, just outside of Turnout.