• The Henhouse Prowlers are Bluegrass Ambassadors

    The Henhouse Prowlers teach schoolchildren in Olten, Switzerland (March 2018) From their home in Chicago, The Henhouse Prowlers have become world travelers. In recent years, they have made several trips to foreign lands for the US State Department, using bluegrass music

  • Pick that Rubab solid, brother

    We just got a note from The Henhouse Prowlers, who are doing a US State Department tour in Pakistan. They have become unofficial musical ambassadors for the USA, touring repeatedly in parts of the world where few Americans visit, sharing

  • Henhouse Prowlers flying to Kyrgyzstan

    What are you doing after Thanksgiving? Well The Henhouse Prowlers will be hopping a jet for an impromptu trip to central Asia. The guys have been invited by the US Embassy in Kyrgyzstan to play at the Dostuk Music Festival in the capital of

  • Dan Andree to depart Henhouse Prowlers

    Chicago's Henhouse Prowlers have announced an upcoming personnel change. Fiddler Dan Andree will be leaving the band at the end of the year. His final shows will be during the band's year-end stint at Martyrs in Chicago, December 30-January 1. The band will

  • Bluegrass Battle available online

    Here's some bluegrass fun from The Wortman Brothers of Germany. They have devised a computer game featuring themselves using MIT's Scratch programming language. The object of Bluegrass Battle is to maneuver the two bluegrass musicians, representing the Wortmanns, to safety. Game play involves

  • Starr Moss departing Henhouse Prowlers

    Chicago's Henhouse Prowlers have announced the impending departure of guitarist Starr Moss after four years with the band. The Milwaukee native is heading back to Wisconsin to attend grad school. He appears on their last three recordings, and has toured all over the world