Help Pepsi save Beanblossom

Bean BlossomThe Bill Monroe Memorial Music Park & Campground is up for sale once more, and the Bean Blossom Jamboree Foundation is on a mission to purchase the property, as a means of preserving the historic festival. Those who are interested can contribute directly from the foundation’s website.

Another way you can help is to vote for the foundation in the Pepsi Refresh Project. This is a program Pepsi is running to help people with good ideas, make those ideas reality. They are giving away grants each month for varying amounts from $5K to $250K. The Bean Blossom Jamboree Foundation has applied for one of the $250K grants this month. The money would be used to purchase the festival grounds and keep the festival running year after year.

Voting is purely fan based and each individual can vote as many as 10 times per day, from now through April 30, 2010. Voting does require signing in by either giving Pepsi your email address, or using the Facebook Connect app. Currently the Foundation is ranked at #138 for the month.

If you’re up for it, visit and cast your vote(s).