Halos & Horns forms in Stockholm

A new bluegrass band has formed in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, consisting of a quintet of young Swedish grassers.

Halos & Horns was formed unintentionally, as many great bands are, when Erik Igelström and his wife, Hanna, hosted a party last summer, attended by a number of grassers in Stockholm. Also there was Jens Koch, who had played with Erik as a member of G2, and Per Björling and his wife, Ann, along with Andreas Rydman.

Already friends and all experienced professional musicians, these five enjoyed jamming at the party and before long, plans were laid to do so regularly. Things really came together when Andreas found himself with four gigs all on the same day during the holidays, and called everyone together to help him out.

And at one of those gigs, they captured this video of themselves performing Dolly Parton’s Train, Train.

That’s Jens on banjo, Erik on mandolin, Andreas on guitar, and Per on bass with Ann taking the lead vocal. Both of the Björlings work as musicians in Sweden, with Ann touring internationally as a singer. She seems to be a big Dolly fan, not only from this spirited rendition in the video, but from the band name as well. Halos & Horns is another of Parton’s many original songs.

Let’s hope we get to hear much more from this bunch.

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