Greensky Bluegrass at The Intersection in Grand Rapids

Greensky Bluegrass in Grand Rapids, MI (2/22/23) – photo © Bryan Bolea

With a slow moving ice storm closing schools, knocking out power, and making driving treacherous (and walking worse), the boys of Greensky Bluegrass and the management of The Intersection surely considered cancelling Wednesday’s show. But a badass Michigan band can’t let a little winter weather stop them, and you don’t cancel “Casual Wednesday,” so they plowed on and, from the looks of things, nearly everyone who had purchased a ticket to the sold out show showed up.

Whether because of the storm, because it was a midweek show,  or because there was not an opener, it seemed like it took a bit to get everyone’s heart rate up, but after a few songs, the band and the crowd began to feed off each other, and for a few hours, it was Spring and we were at a festival.